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Photo courtesy of Run Quest Travel

Thursday, August 9:
Gerês National Park / Gerês-Xurés Cross-border Park

9:00h: Trekking 5 km and running 15 km on Roman road to Spain. Keep your eyes open for 2000-year-old mile markers, which are inscribed with their position and name of the current (then) emperor. If we are lucky, our intrepid guide-dog from the Spanish village will accompany us again as we run on Roman roads. 

Gerês is one of the few areas in the world where wild horses, or Garrano ponies, roam free, and they are among the park’s most famous inhabitants. Native to the region since the Celtic era in the first century B.C., they were nearly extinct by the mid-20th century due to domestication efforts. The Portuguese government began to rebuild the herds in this area in the 1940s, in what would later (1970s) become the national park.

12:00h: Post-run dip in the natural hot springs.

After completing our run, we can relax in one of many beautiful natural hot springs direct from the mountain. 

14:00h: Lunch: regional food

16:00h: Visit Museu da Geira (Museum of Geira/Roman Road)

Located in the Penêda-Gerês National Park and opened in June 2013, the Museum is dedicated to the specific Geira linking Braga to Astorga,Spain, approximately 30 km of which is protected. Constructed around the Roman Road so as not to impede travelers, the museum focuses on Roman planning and analysis, construction methods including extracting stones and building bridges, and evolution from the Iron Age to the Roman Age.

20:00h: Dinner in Hotel