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Beautiful beaches along our running route..

Sunday, June 16:
Porto to Arcos de Valdenez

7am Breakfast Spot Apartments

7:30am Transport to beaches.

8-10am Run/hike 5 to 10km along the beautiful boardwalk and beaches of Porto to the mysterious Chapel Senhor de Pedra. The small but enchanting chapel is nearly entirely surrounded by the sea. The chapel was built with a pagan alter before its conversion to Christianity. Enjoy the beach! Take a jump in the Atlantic Ocean. 

11am Check out of hotel/transport in vans to Luna Acros Hotel Nature & Spa in Arcos de Valdevez

12:30pm Enjoy lunch in Braga

Visit monuments in Braga. 

The diocese (or Se) of Bragais the oldest and most respected in Portugal, as it dominated the religious landscape for centuries. About three dozen historic churches reflect this heritage. We will visit the Sé de Braga (Braga Cathedral), the oldest in Portugal, whose construction began in 1070and features Gothic arches (15th century) but Baroque towers (17th century) and Romanesque and Manueline influences, as well. Adjacent chapels added in the Middle Ages include the Capela dos Reis (Chapel of the Kings) built in 1374 where the parents of the first Portuguese king were buried, and the Capela da Piedade (Chapel of Piety), built in 1513 for Archbishop Diogo de Sousa. 

However, the most notable structure in Braga is a masterpiece of European baroque architecture and the most photographed church in Portugal: the Santuario do Bom Jesus do Monte (Bom Jesus Sanctuary), located three miles east of town. Built in 1784, the twin-spired church sits atop a magnificent zigzag staircase incorporating the Stations of the Cross, a Stairway of the Five Senses and a Stairway of the Three Virtues (Faith, Hope and Charity). Each landing has a fountain. The steps symbolize the spiritual journey believers must undertake (overcoming your senses and embracing the three virtues) to gain salvation. Pilgrims will climb the 600 stairs on their knees. 

Other monuments, chapels, bridges, museums, and castles abound.BragaisPortugal’s third largest city, after Lisbon and Porto. 

1pm  Hike the stairs leading to the beautiful Church of Bom Jesus Do Monte overlooking Braga

3pm Check into Luna Acros Hotel, Arcos de Valdevez; Enjoy the pool, sauna, jacuzzi, jump in the beautiful River Vez, or explore the quint town on your own.  

6:30pm Dinner with the group

(Luna Arcos Hotel Nature & Spa night 1 of 2)