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Photo courtesy of Carlos Sa

Tuesday, August 7 (Portuguese National Day/Camões Day):
Beach Porto

10:00h: 15k coastal beach run

Enjoy waterfront gardens, boardwalks, rocky outcrops, cafés and perhaps a 17th century fortress Castelo do Queijo, complete with drawbridge and cannon pointing toward the sea, as we traverse the beaches of Porto on our morning run. 

12:00h: Lunch at a Beach Restaurant (location TBD). Enjoy free time in the afternoon.

If you don’t return to the beach, you might try other local sights, such as a favorite tourist option of strolling the Cais da Ribeira, the riverfront. Or, visit the Serralves Foundation Contemporary Art Museum and Park, which houses not only a contemporary art museum, but also a beautiful park (noted as a romantic place to wander) and a bright pink Art Deco mansion. Since Porto is a city defined by commerce, you might check out the beautifully decorated rooms featuring timeless craftsmanship of the Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace).

If you prefer shopping, you can head to the Rua da Santa Catarina, or history buffs might check out the Casa do Infante where Henry the Navigator was born. At age 21, Henry planned and conquered parts of Morocco for Portugal, thus initiating a period of Portuguese maritime power. The building is restored to its old customs house status, and includes some Roman mosaics.

São Francisco Church is the only Gothic church in Porto; reports indicate it took 900 pounds of gold to redecorate the interior in the Baroque style.

20:00h: Dinner in Porto (location TBD)