In early January of 2014 I had the opportunity to share a unique experience with Harvey and Carlos at the Serra do Gerês (in northern Portugal). They are the most inspirational human beings I have ever met; always keen to share their experience and positive energy. The scenic landscapes together with warmth of the local culture were just the final ingredients for unforgettable memories.

Portuguese Ultrarunner
Currently training to ski across Greenland in 2015

— Hugo M. Pinto

I have had the joy and honor to be on the Clif Bar Marathon Pace Team with Harvey Lewis. Harvey is the most complete runner that I have ever met and run with. He can run long ultras — such as finishing near the top of the podium at Badwater 135 — [but] also can run fast, winning 10k and 5k races with lightning speed. Most importantly, his genuine humanity to[ward]... anyone really impresses me and touches my heart. I am very privileged to know Harvey and I can always seek advice from him and continue to learn from his example, running his life to the fullest extent.

ClifBar Marathon Pacer
Completed over 60 marathons (two-thirds pacing) 

— Bruce Yang

Harvey is not only a first-class runner, he is a first-class pacer and person as well! Harvey is one of the most genuine, positive, upbeat people I know. The energy flows off Harvey. [We] went on a long run the day before we paced the Hamilton (Canada) marathon. ... He is way faster than I am, so just the fact that he didn’t mind slowing down for me says something about him. All along the run (and it was pouring) he had a smile on his face. Harvey is so unselfish and just so much fun to be around; his energy rubs off on you! I have paced over 200 marathons, and run 273. Some of those include Australia, Africa, Iceland, Brazil, Sweden and many other places, but as soon as Harvey told me ... he was planning a trip to Portugal, I changed my [summer] plans ... so I could join him, as I know it will be fabulous.

Completed over 273 marathons, over 200 as a pace leader 

— Marie Bartoletti

When you travel with Harvey, you will have an adventure of a lifetime! There is no better way to travel than on foot. Harvey’s contagious smile and passion for [meeting] people will give you an insider’s look to any country. His contacts in the running world give you a unique experience to run with the best, but also get to know the country from people who live and train there. Harvey is always relaxed and you will feel at home wherever you travel with him! I have ... been to more than a dozen countries with him and each one becomes a unique, personalized adventure.

World Traveler

— Lauren Hannan

I’ve been fortunate enough to coach with Harvey so I’ve seen firsthand the impact he’s had on other runners. Runners of all abilities are inspired and motivated by Harvey — myself included! His passion for the sport is truly infectious and you can tell that his love for running exudes through his body, mind and spirit. I can’t think of a better captain for this journey!

Marathoner and Anderson High School Track Coach

— Kerry Lee

Harvey's travel experience and running prowess guarantees a safe yet memorable running adventure. His social media posts alone motivate me to train harder and run farther, so I can only imagine how inspiring it will be to spend a week with him and his local running cohorts, exploring amazing routes and experiencing behind-the-scenes culture. His charisma, charm, and willingness to try anything new already surpasses any potential language barrier, but with local runners (and friends) assisting, RunQuest travelers are assured the best of both worlds.

Runner and Writer

— Kara Garrod