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Next Trip June 15th - 21st, 2024 for mainland Portugal

World travelers are given much advice about navigating an unfamiliar area by bus, train or metro; because for many people, traveling by foot is not an option when there are many sights to see, often within a limited time span. 

However, as runners, walkers and hikers, we already know one of the best ways to discover an area’s unique offerings is by foot. When we travel, we often find amazing hidden secrets on our morning runs, noting the area or crossroads to return later that day for further exploration. The only thing that might make it better would be running or hiking with a local guide each morning. 

At RunQuest Travel, we harness that adventurous desire to explore a new region with a coordinated group excursion hosted by world-class athletes. While the travel is organized, the running routes, times and distances are tailored not only to our guests but also the unique offerings of the locale. Each daily run will be led by an experienced runner and running coach with firsthand knowledge of the area. Runs and walks will highlight either a specific venue or attraction, or provide you with a general overview of what might interest you later that day during your free time. We offer non-running related group excursions as well. 

Each year we work to improve the Portugal itinerary. The itinerary is subject to change in order to include more variety and highlights of the country. However, this itinerary is the standard. 

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Portugal trip, June (TBD)-                Double occupancy $2,450.

                                                     Single occupancy $2,650.

                                                     Please see trip details for each day as well as resource page for all that is included.