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Edmundo and Harvey

Edmundo and Harvey

Edmundo; Guide Dog

Edmundo enjoys his days exploring the countryside. He lives with the old man of the village, and likes to hang out near the natural hot springs in his little Spanish border town. He enjoys meeting people who come through, especially when they offer him food.

Edmundo's real passion is exploring the mountains. At times he goes off for hours to run on old Roman trails. He likes the feel of his paws on the solid rock and the smell of the mountain air. He enjoys seeing the wild horses but they never let him run too close.

Although he is often happy running alone, he really enjoyed exploring with Harvey, Carlos, and Hugo. He knew instantly they would have a great running adventure. Harvey looked a bit tired and Edmundo was able to offer him some energy. Edmundo loved the company so much, he joined them for the full 16 kilometer run. It was the most fun he had all year!  

He hated when Harvey and Carlos left, but Harvey promised him that he would return with an even larger group of runners the coming summer. Edmundo continues to train, awaiting his friend's return and the opportunity to lead a group of runners through his favorite places.